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There is a serious need for disruption in the way food is produced and disposed of.
We at ProNuvo recognize this and by channeling the power of insects, have found a way to fix the cycle. Today we are Latin America’s leaders in the sustainable production of high-quality feed ingredients for livestock and pets.

What are the issues?
Natural resources are currently being depleted at outstanding rates to produce animal feed while leftover organic material hardly ever gets recycled.
There is a large gap in the food cycle that needs to be filled.
  1. Depletion of natural resources: Land grabbing, deforestation, overfishing
  2. Processing of natural resources into animal feed
  3. Feed given to livestock
  4. Livestock processed for human consumption
  5. Leftover organic material sent to landfils
Fishmeal in Aquafeed
Carbon Paw Print
Food waste crisis
What is the solution?
Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)
At ProNuvo, we found a solution to these problems in our own backyard. Native to tropical countries like Costa Rica and Colombia, the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) is considered one of nature’s most effective decomposers, feeding solely on organic material. They are capable of consuming twice their own weight each day, converting it into high quality fats and protein. Furthermore, their digestive process kills any bacteria found in their food and the frass they leave behind can be used as an organic fertilizer.


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